Citizen Reports Processing

Transparency in how we process your reports is at the center of our work in BarangayHub.PH. We believe that we are responsible for ensuring that users of the platform can access information about how we process their submitted citizen reports, who can access it, and how we ensure their privacy and security as they trust BarangayHub.PH by sending citizen reports.

Who can access submitted citizen reports?

Only those selected news organizations in the reporting form can access the reports. They receive notifications about it and are directed to go to the dashboard wherein they can see and review submitted tips and leads.

What is the process of reviewing citizen reports?

News organizations have different editorial guidelines and processes of how they verify tips and leads received through BarangayHub.PH. The platform only aims to connect citizen reporters and newsrooms -- participating news organizations have the autonomy when it comes to reviewing, processing, and using the tips and leads they received via BarangayHub.PH.

Will my citizen report be published as is?

No, it won't be published as-is. The citizen report will be used as a tip or lead of the receiving news organizations and won't be published raw on any platform.

Is my identity going to be disclosed when I send citizen reports?

No, it will not be. BarangayHub.PH's main aim is to give the power to citizen reporters when it comes to controlling their privacy and security, hence, there is no personal and identifiable information collected in the reporting form. It will be at the citizen reporter's own discretion if they want to share personal details and contact information with the receiving journalist, both in the initial reporting form and during their conversations after.

What should I do after submitting a citizen report?

Make sure you keep your 16-digit code in a secure space and check once in a while if the receiving news organization/s sent comments or clarifications to your report. Newsroom representatives will review your citizen report as soon as manageable, but will be highly dependent on their available manpower, the number of reports their viewing and receiving, and other limitations.

About Globaleaks

BarangayHub.PH uses the Globaleaks as its software in receiving citizen reports.

GlobaLeaks is free and open-source software -- enabling anyone to easily set up and maintain a secure whistleblowing platform.

GlobaLeaks is under the AGPL License. It is supported by an open community of users, volunteers, and contributors who work together to constantly improve the software and documentation.

Read more about Globaleaks here (

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