How to use BarangayHub.PH


To start the process, go to the BarangayHub.PH landing page and click "Report Now".


You will then be brought to a secure page that enables you to do two things: file a new report or check an old report you submit by typing its 16-digit code, which you get every time you finish submitting a report. To submit a new report, click "Submit Citizen Report".


The next page will be about selecting the context or topic of your report. Review the full list and select the most relevant category. If you think that the categories are not applicable to your report, choose "Other".


After choosing the category, you will then be directed to the actual reporting form. Fill in the title, full description, and other fields as comprehensively as you can. For the location, choose your province from the list, and then manually enter your city/municipality and barangay. Files can also be attached to the citizen report.


BarangayHub.PH gives total control to the citizen reporter as to who they want to receive their citizen reports. Users can choose from the list of participating news organizations -- they can choose one or multiple news organizations. There is also the option to send to all participating news organizations.


Review all fields, making sure that the report is accurate and complete. Once you are ready, you can click "Submit".


After submitting the report, you will then be brought to a page showing a 16-digit code that you can use to access your citizen report, send updates on the initial report submitted, and answer queries from receiving news organizations. Make sure to keep this 16-digit code by writing it down or keeping it on a pad while making sure that no one can easily access or see it. Go to the page mentioned in Step 2 to enter the code and see your submitted citizen report.

Recommended Tools and Applications

In order to ensure best practices in using BarangayHub.PH, the following tools are
recommended for users and journalists using the platform:

In viewing BarangayHub.PH, it is suggested to use secure browsers like Tor or Brave.

It is also recommended to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service for those who have it. There are also some free (but limited) VPNs that people can download and use in case they do not have an ongoing subscription to one.

In case the citizen reporter and journalists want to continue their conversations outside BarangayHub.PH, it is recommended to use secure messaging and email services like Signal, Wire, and Protonmail.

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